Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti 2021

On this day of Gandhi Jayanti 2021 ‘Let the Spirit Move NGO’ Celebrate Gandhi Jayanti at Guru Nanak Dev Colony Near Kathia Ashram Burari New Delhi-42. Brother Rajeev Thomas spoke and reminded us about our National father Mahatma Gandhi ji. His work, vision, courage and non- violence gave over the victory of the Mighty British Empire.

Guru Nanak Dev colony is one of the slum areas in Burari. They live and occupy Delhi Revenue land they have shuttled for more than 20 years. Most of the people migrate from UP and Behar. Total number of households is around five hundred. Their livelihood depends on daily wages and rickshaw pullers and some of them are working in private companies. Most of the women are housewives and most of the children go to the government school.

Middle in the village standing with the NGO teams and local leaders.

More than hundreds of children’s and women were participating in this Gandhi Jayanti Day celebration around the of totals 130 students between class 7 to 12 standard were registered and more than 50 housewife women were participated. The organization gave out more than two hundred masks and sanitizer bottles to all the participants to continue to fight against the covid-19. 

Madam Anne is arranging Sanitizer with mask for distribution.

The organisation also learned and shared the challenge on India questioning on the issue of India’s way back in growth of economy, joblessness, poverty and hunger etc. Lack of the knowledge of preamble and constitution and especially inequality in education and society. This gives in our country ‘rich become richer and poor become poorer’. 

Mr. Thomas (NGO team member) giving awareness to women about the important of education of children.

According to the studies during this covid-19 pandemic for a Digital world of education in India, between 27% in urban and 60% in rural could not access online class for a range of reasons, lack of devices, share device, inability to buy data pack etc.


So the organisation encourages the childrens and parents to step one foot ahead of children’s education by providing the knowledge of Indian constitution and giving extra smart classes for the children to break free the chain of poverty.

To conclude I quoted the founding father of our constitution Dr. Ambedkar once said; ‘Fraternity can be a fact only when there is a nation without fraternity, equality and liberty will be no deeper than coats of paint’.

Boys from class vii to xii
Gathering to start program
Local women team
Children inside the program
Girls children
Madam Anne discussion about women empowerment with the women folks

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