International Women’s Day Celebration 2020

Report of ‘Let The Spirit Move’ (NGO)

Awareness Camp on Sanitation; Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity


The ‘Let The Spirit Move’ (LTSM) (NGO) has organized a special program to commemorate the 25th International Women’s Day on 8th March 2020. LTSM has celebrated ‘International Women’s Day in two venues one is at Hauz khas Delhi and the other is at Karuna Centre Ram Nagar New Industrial Town, Faridabad Harayana. Hauzkash is in unban local area and Ram Nagar Faridabad is in theindustrial area. The main event was held at Karuna Center Ram Nagar, Faridabad. The program was followed up with awareness camp on sanitation under the theme Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity. The most successful signing of the event is the organization distribute more the five hundred sanitary pads to women in all the four LTSM center. The day was also a reminder to all the women who have a fight for the right and responsibility to achieve gender equality in social change.

Main Event:

The program was open by greeting words from Mr. Erick. He spoke the importance and the value of the women in society. He encourage all the women and especially those who take responsibilities of father role in families. And he also spoke and encourages women on‘Empowering Women’ is a part of ‘Empowering Humanity’. He said Humanity work begins from the small things by helping others in the time for their need.


He also encourages more Indian women to have the courage to work not only in their family but also in social welfare. He advised women to scale new heights in all aspects of life.And he also advised women to empower themselves without waiting for any external agency to help them because women are the life-giver to the whole human race and it is the responsibility of everyone to give her a respectable status and honoring society.

He also spoke the importance of cleanliness and he said cleanliness’ has two faces one is beauty face and the other is the dark face. Beauty face gives human life good health and happiness and dark face give us various diseases that give human life in trouble, sickness, and death. He also gives an example of a recent outbreak of Corona Virus etc. He mentions cleanliness is a much for good health and it firsthand duty of human being.

The event was followed up with the interaction and sharing the life changing story of women on and challenging and successful story share by among the women participants.

Interaction by Local Women

And on the last part of the program Mrs. Anne president of LTSM women wing took up the women sanitation program on the important of using pad for women especially during women maturation period.

Ms. Anne (LTSM) giving speech on Sanitation program at Karuna Centre, Faridabad

She also given thanks to Mahit Tandan for providing pad to help millions of Indian women through LTSM NGO.She also share the happiness for the opportunity to distribute fee pad to 100 and 1000 of women since for the last two years. She also spoke about her big dream of the LTSM Ngo to work for women more on women sanitation on health and hygiene in rural and urban in a days to come.

The event was participate more than hundred women. And the program was concluded by distributing pads to three center of LTSM i.e at 1. Ram Nagar 2. Hauz Kash 3.. Dayal Nagar center. On totals more the five hundreds pads were distributed on the event.

Image Gallery :

Oldest women participant encouraging women
Ram Nagar Centre
Participants with their pads
Ram Nagar Conference hall
Hauz Kash Centre Women
Hauz Kash Centre Women

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