Happiness Kit Distribution on 6th Jan 2022

On this day of 6th January 2022. I Erick Seraphin my sincere thanks to MetLife Global Operations Support Center Private Limited as well CSR and transport team for helping me to bring happiness to 20 families they are very poor and needy people among these family some are beggar, Rickshaw puller, construction labour and rag picker it was a small act of sharing on behalf of MetLife family.

I also would like to thank Chotu, Anne Seraphin(wife) Christopher (son), Sneha and Auto bhaiya Jittu for helping me to complete this activity. My big thanks to Akanksha, Pooja Nayak,  as well Metlife Management for their support and trust on me.

There are 45 families, staying in camp. They are from different part of our country like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, UK, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. They are living in very bad condition. They are uneducated and having very tough life for their daily survival in Covid 19 they have lost source of income. The beneficiary whom Happiness kit was given as follow :

1. Malti Devi 2. Pooja 3. Kavita 4. Geeta, 5. Shakuntala (Pregnant lady) 6. Rina 7. Pinky 8. Kalu Ram (blind) 9. Suman 10. Roshni, 11. Anisha 12. Sunita 13. Sita Devi 15. Ram Devi 16. Rajkumari 17. Kailasi 18. Neha Singh 19. Neelam 20. Bhagunmati (All are Mothers and have kids, our mothers and kids are the backbone of the Family, Society as well our Nation)


So, the MetLife encourages the children’s and parents to step one foot ahead of children’s education by providing the knowledge of Indian constitution and giving extra smart classes for the children to break free the chain of poverty.

To conclude I quoted the founding father of our constitution Dr. Ambedkar once said; ‘Fraternity can be a fact only when there is a Nation without fraternity, equality and liberty will be no deeper than coats of paint’.

The MetLife also learned and shared the challenge on India questioning on the issue of India’s way back in growth of economy, joblessness, poverty and hunger etc. Lack of the knowledge of preamble and constitution and especially inequality in education and society. This gives in our country ‘rich become richer and poor become poorer’.

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