Who we are

Who We Are

Let the spirit move is a voluntary organization (NGO), operating under Societies Registration Act, 1860 established in year April 2013.

LTSM could also be labeled as an implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of donors.

Our Vision

  1. LTSM envisages a Empower women living with Dignity & contributing as equal partners in Development free from violence and discrimination. Well nurtured children with full opportunities for growth and development in a safe and protective environment.
  2. Quality education and good health for under privilege children
  3. To provide education to every child
  4. To share the gender equality
  5. To share the identity of women by supporting knowledge building development skill with aim to make women secure and resilient to face challenges of life.
  6. To contribute to improve the social position of women by empowering them to take decision and control for the lives.

Our Mission

Let the Spirit Move is promoting social and economic empowerment of women through cross-cutting policies and programmers, mainstreaming gender concerns creating awareness about their rights and facilitating instructional and legislative support for enabling them realize their human rights and develop to their full potential. It is also providing access to learning, nutrition, institutional and legislative support.

Our Objectives

Following are board objectives of LTSM:

  1.  Equality For All.
  2. Education For All.
  3. Good Health For All.
  4. Promotion of Gender Equality & Women Empowerment, and Address Gender Based Violence Issues.
  5. Promote Environment Protection and Address Climate Change Issues.

Our Core Programs

Let The Spirit Move has following seven core programs or thematic focus which helps Foundation in strategically achieving its mission:

  1. Woman Empowerment
  2. Education for needy Children
  3. Gender Equality
  4. Sanitation and Cleanliness Awareness
  5. Adolescent Girl Counseling
  6. Family Counseling
  7. Health

Our Focus Group

Let The Spirit Move’s focus is on the socio-economically disadvantaged groups of women, youth and children. Keeping in view the overall socio-cultural fabric of the society and the overall power imbalances and discriminations that exist at all levels; the focus, amongst these groups, is again on most vulnerable and the marginalized ones. LTSM also focuses on the inclusion of minorities and special groups such as widows and physically impaired persons and elderly people.

The geographical focus is overall India but Especially Slums and Backward Groups in South Delhi District.

Legal Status & Governance

Let The Spirit Move is a non-for-profit organization. It was registered under Society Registration Act 1860. With Registration No. S/1320/ Dist.South/2013.

Let The Spirit Move is governed by its Board of Directors (BoD). The Board is the key policy making and governance body of the Foundation and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of Let The Spirit Move on period basis.

The BOD consists of Six members (both male and female) and is headed by its Chairperson. The Foundation’s board of directors comprises of development professionals, intellectuals, academicians, activists.

The Board works in the guidelines given in its Memorandum.

Management, Membership & Department

Let The Spirit Move is lead by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (BoD) and is responsible for the overall management of the organization. The Chairperson is supported by the Secretary and Treasurer and team of coordinators / managers of different programs of the foundation and they jointly form a management structure for the Foundation.

Let The Spirit Move believes that networking, collective efforts, sharing of knowledge, resources and information is a key to the success as for addressing the global developmental issues and challenges are concerned. Keeping this critical fact in mind; the organization always tries to join all such forums and networks which directly link to its mission and objectives.

Let The Spirit Move has established its various departments which help in smooth and systematic implementation of Foundation interventions: These include:- Monitoring Evaluation, Research & Documentation Department Admin Department and Finance Department.

Partners &

Partnerships are the heart-line of Let The Spirit Move. The Foundation refers as “PARTNERS” to all those individuals, communities, and organizations and departments which join hands for extending program interventions. Beneficiary community, the line departments, national and international donors, the provincial governments, and other key stake holders from civil society are the best examples of Let The Spirit Move’s Partners. These partnerships help organization (financially and technically) to achieve its mission. Since its establishment in year 2013; Let The Spirit Move has remained privileged in getting the opportunity to work with a very few but diverse partners who not only extended financial support for various projects; but also adequately build the capacity of organization from different perspectives. Let The Spirit Move greatly values and acknowledges the support of its partners who provided their great support to LTSM for its previous and current projects. These includes Respected Donors as Dr. Monika Sharma, Dr. Raghav Agarwal, Santanu Ghosh, Shilpa Handa, Krishna Adhikari, Sanjeev Sharma.

Financial Portfolio , Values & Guiding Principles

Let The Spirit Move implements its projects with Donations and Self Funding from various donors and Management of the LTSM where it works. Let The Spirit Move has learnt a lot while managing grants of diverse donors and has well developed its financial management capability. Since its establishment in year 2013 till the mid of year 2018; the organization has implemented various projects for different strata of society in different sectors amounting to over 25 Lakhs rupees.

In order to achieve its mission and to make its programs even more human centered; Let The Spirit Move follows certain values and guiding principles in all its interventions and dealings.

These include the following:

  • Peace & Tolerance
  • Participation & Inclusion
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence
  • Sharing & Openness

Approach &

The Foundation strongly believes in the true and active participation of all key stakeholders – particularly the local communities or program beneficiaries. Fair efforts are taken to ensure that stakeholders participate and contribute at all the stages of the interventions.

As its strategy, Let The Spirit Move particularly focuses to ensure the maximum participation of women, children and youth wherever required and relevant – and particularly if the program has any direct or indirect impacts on their lives.

The overall approach of work also identifies the gender sensitivities if any related to the program and strategically addresses the same. Let The Spirit Move, as its overall implementation approach, takes carefully into account the local culture and traditions and fully respects the same.

Following are the key elements of LTSM Program Strategies & Work Approach :

  • Thematic Partnerships
  • Social Mobilization /Community Participation
  • Awareness Raising & Sensitization
  • Capacity Building
  • Dialogues & Engagements
  • Review & Reflection

Accounts & Audits, Policies & Systems

Let The Spirit Move maintains its all accounts as per rules of Taxation Department Government of India. Foundation has developed various financial policies, systems and formats etc. which help it in effective management of all its funds and maintaining a complete transparency in receipts and payments at all levels.

Let The Spirit Move gets its accounts (receipts and payments) audited by the recognized chartered accountants’ firms by the end of each financial year.

Let The Spirit Move follows its specific set of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which has been revised and updated a number of times up till now in order to make them more staff friendly and organization-centered which contain a number of basic organizational policies and procedures which help in the creation and maintenance of a transparent, accountable and fair working environment in Let The Spirit Move and ensure the effective achievement of overall objectives of the Foundation.

Anne Seraphin
Ms. Anne Seraphin
Director & Founder
Let The Spirit Move

Let’s Move with Love, Peace & Hope

I have started the journey years ago but registered at 2013. I pay homage to my Mother and Father. The philosophy of Let The Spirit Move is to create a society of love, peace and hope and reach out to such a world where people are waiting for us.

I have worked with Mother Teresa‘s society and received the blessing of Mother Teresa. The Missionaries of Charity and Diocese of Kolkata. My desire is to help and create a better society. Where there will be no fighting in the name of cast, Creed and Religion. People may live-in peace and harmony.

I am from middle class family. My father and mother was very simple and holy person. They always helped poor and orphanage. My mother used to cook and feed the children, who have lost their mother and father in their early age. My mother always used to say you are lucky that we are with you but these children have not seen any happiness. Always pray for them and help them in your own way, need not to do any big and great work but little act of giving will bring happiness to their lives. She passed away at age of 45 year 1994 and the spirit she left behind that is still moving.

I myself had been visited 18 states seen the suffering of our country people. They need us. I have started the journey but it is very challenging and long way to go. We need your love and prayer. Thanks to each and everyone from bottom of my heart.

Vivekananda said, “No one has become poor by giving.” May God bless…


Let the spirit move team

Let The Spirit Move was established by a group of young and energetic people who were highly motivated and committed for contributing their time, skills and energies for the development and empowerment of socially and economically backward Women and Children in India and addressing poverty issues and gender based discriminations.

Anne Seraphin

Ms. Anne Seraphin

Director and Founder

Ashok Chauhan

Mr. Ashok Chauhan (Ex. MLA BJP)

Mr. Rajkumar Banewal

Mr. Rajesh Power Palli

Mr. Meikhiambiambung Phaomei

Dakshesh Kothari

Mr. Dakshesh Kothari

Mr. Devender Chauhan

Danvir Singh

Mr. Danvir Singh

Removing Poverty - Let the spirit move

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let The Spirit Move is a non-profit organization registered under society registration act 1860 working for people from low-income backgrounds to learn, teach, be creative, and see the world in different ways. Children’s are the gift of god. They are innocent, loving and caring. With there smiling face they spread beauty of creation which is based on divine principle of love, care and sharing.

It is our responsibility to serve and nurture these upcoming generation of society. They will be backbone of our family as well as our country. Every child deserves the best chance for a bright future. And that’s why we are fiercely committed to ensuring children not to only survive, but thrive. Bold in our ambition and powerful in our care, we do whatever it takes to save the bright upbringing of the needy children.

Our pioneering programes address children’s unique needs, giving them a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Therefore, Let The Spirit Move is working towards proper upbringing of these financially and economically backward children.

We also, work for women and girls from financially backward classes for theirs upliftment . As we all know that if woman is educated then whole family will progress. A little help in manner of physically and financially will groom the life of poor families.

LET THE SPIRIT MOVE is a Non Government organization based on professional and empathetic understanding of human values and a responsive society. So our CORE VALUES are as:

  • Respect: Believing and appreciating the Dignity of Human Beings.
  • Transformation: We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation—within the world and our own organization.
  • Integrity: Maintain social, ethical and organizational norms and adheres to our code of conduct. We are accountable to the people and partners we humbly serve, transparently sharing our results, stories and lessons.
  • Commitment: Fulfilling organizational goals with totally commitment towards our duties, responsibilities.
  • Empowerment: Empowering ourselves and others to change the way we grow and develop as an economy, society and person, electing to take our time and commit to trial and error to find a better way to live and work.
  • Diversity: We know that by embracing differences, actively including a variety of voices, and joining together we can solve the world’s most complex problems.
  • Excellence: We challenge ourselves to the highest level of learning and performance, tapping the best of the human spirit to create impact.
  • Equality: We believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honouring each individual; we know that change happens through people.
  • Sustainable development: Ensuring that the opportunities of today that do not diminish for seekers of tomorrow.

Let The Spirit Move became member of CRIN during 2009.

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is a global network of peace builders which is very important network as for the promotion of Universal peace making under various heads like Interfaith Peace building, peace and security, Marriage and Family, Peace education and Human Development. UPF (www.upf.org/chapters/india) an NGO in Special Consulate United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and put children’s rights on the top of the international agenda. CRIN launch advocacy campaigns, lead international children’s rights coalitions, and strive to make existing human rights enforcement mechanisms accessible for all.

Let The Spirit Move has remained engaged in education sector since year 2013. The Foundation has tutored a number of needy and under privileged children in last 8 years in different project areas and has also formed a number of parents’ education committees (PECs) . For the sustainability of the projects and its effective operations; Let The Spirit Move always uses the strategies such as the true community participation, public private partnerships. Also conducting parents meet we can track persona of students at home as well as society and enrich their Fundamental Values.

Let The Spirit Move is engaged in promoting gender equality and addressing women empowerment issues since its inception in year 2013. The Foundation’s first ever project (year 2013) focused the issues of Education and Empowerment through Skill Developments.

Over the period of 8 years of rich experience of working on women issues; the Foundation has well increased its conceptual understanding and knowledge of the issues of marginalized women and the women vulnerable to domestic violence.

During its work on gender issues; the Foundation explored and worked with a number of critical stakeholders who could be of great support as for as addressing the issues of gender and women empowerment. For example, the Foundation closely worked with School Teachers to increase awareness and sensitize the local communities and administration for addressing gender issues. Working with Local Woman Committees also help in our goal.

Let The Spirit Move actively organizes health check up. The Foundation has been organizing such camps since 2014. We conducted camps in South Delhi and Haryana. During its engagement in camps we also aware woman and child for importance of sanitation and self cleanliness. Especially for village women we conduct special session for use of Sanitary pads and distributes free sanitary Pads. Let The Spirit Move has well skilled itself in designing and implementing such camps in woman friendly. In last five years 500 people benefited under this initiative.

Building capacity of partners and different stake holders is the cross cutting theme for all LTSM core programs. Let The Spirit Move has been involved in capacity building activities since year 2003.

Let The Spirit Move has conducted a large number of training workshops for police officers, media representatives, school teachers local NGOs and CBOs, school management committees, community groups, government officers,and project teams of various projects. Over the period of 8 years; the Foundation has greatly developed its capacity in designing and conducting different nature training and capacity building events for different groups / stakeholders.

The Foundation now itself designs and conducts training which cater the needs of its different partners and clients.

At the end of our lives we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made or how many great things we have done.

We will be judged by :

I was hungry and you gave me to eat.

I was naked and you clothed me.

I was homeless and you took me in.

                     – Mother Teresa

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