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Every year there are number of donors who sponsor a student at the Let The Spirit Move Organization Centre even though we do Door to Door Campaigning. By doing so, they offer education, counseling, and job opportunities to a youth in need. They leave a lasting impression on a youth and directly help them transform their life and the life of their family – making the future of India a bit brighter than before.

If you would like to donate or volunteer your time, skills and efforts to our organization or to any of our specific programs, then Let The Spirit Move Organization would be very privileged to offer a platform to you. We are looking for skills in diverse areas that would help us grow our programs and achieve our goals.

Tricycle for poor by Let the spirit Move
Let the spirit move education center

We also accept

LTSM Self Awareness

— For Women:

Goods like Machinery, Material for Stitching and Tailoring and other goods useful for woman’s skill development programmes.

LTSM Cloth Distribution

— For Children

Books, Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, School Bags, Water Bottles, sports, Volley ball, Nets, Football, Nets, Cricket set etc.

LTSM Cloth Distribution

— For Old People and Needy People:

Blankets, Shawls, Medicines, other useful items

— For Cleanliness and Hygiene:

Soaps, Hand wash, Sanitary Pads etc


— For Disable:

Wheel chair and Tri cycle

LTSM -Free of cost education to those in need

— Miscellaneous :

Any goods or item which is useful for helping needy people

Let The Spirit Move Organization is a voluntary organisation which makes critical interventions towards upgrading the skill base and employability of the marginalized women and youth in urban slums and rural areas. We are actively seeking partnerships with like-minded corporate aligning their CSR goals to our organizational mission.

Corporates, Individuals, NGOs and Funding Agencies can connect with us in varied ways.

Please do write to us at Contact at to explore synergies.

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