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Womens day celebration and health awareness by Let the spirit Move

What We have done so far!

LTSM -Free of cost education to those in need
Free of cost education to those in need:

The poor children are mostly the first generation learners and slow learners. The dropout rate is far higher than other social groups. In order to prevent school drop outs and to make them to continue their education, children’s free tuition programme was introduced our centre. In each batch, a qualified teacher collects the students and provides evening tuition to children on free of cost.

Educational Support Services
Educational Support Services

Let the spirit move has provided educational support services in the form of distribution of Note books, school uniforms, stationary, school bags, color dresses and other educational tools like map drawing note books, geometry boxes etc to the children on free of cost. The sponsored children receive inputs like educational guidance, counseling, career development programes, periodical assessment life coping skills etc. The children were taken to educational tour also. We sponsors few students.Some of the non-sponsored children also get similar support.

Sarva shiksha abhiyan
Sarva Shiksha Abiyan (SSA)

Education for all from the (age group of 6 to 14) was introduced by the Central Government. People were not aware of SSA schemes so, in order to create awareness among the people and to have campaign, LET THE SPIRIT MOVE has worked out a collaborate programme,. During this programme, we had group discussion, exhibition, film show, evening public meeting, competition with children and prize distribution.

Camps for students
Camps for Students

Every year LET THE SPIRIT MOVE SINAM organizes summer camp and winter camp. During camps, the following subjects were taught. English poems for recitation, English grammar, fundamental of mathematics, career guidance, yoga, meditation, life skill training ,computer application etc. The children were given their travel expenses and the qualitative tasty food. Different competitions were held and the winners were given prizes.

Women Empowerment

We  work for women and girls from financially backward classes for theirs upliftment . As we all know that if woman is educated then whole family will progress. A little help in manner of physically and financially will groom the life of poor families. Let The Spirit Move is engaged in promoting gender equality and addressing women empowerment issues since its inception in year 2013. The Foundation’s first ever project (year 2013) focused the issues of Education and Empowerment through Skill Developments. Over the period of 8 years of rich experience of working on women issues; the Foundation has well increased its conceptual understanding and knowledge of the issues of marginalized women and the women vulnerable to domestic violence.

Skill development
Skill development

Let The Spirit Move has been involved in skill development and capacity building activities since year 2003.

Let The Spirit Move has conducted a large number of training workshops for police officers, media representatives, school teachers local NGOs and CBOs, school management committees, community groups, government officers,and project teams of various projects. Over the period of 8 years; the Foundation has greatly developed its capacity in designing and conducting different nature training and capacity building events for different groups/stakeholders. The Foundation now itself designs and conducts training which cater the needs of its different partners and clients.

Health check up
Health Check-up

Let The Spirit Move actively organizes health check up. The Foundation has been organizing such camps since 2014. We conducted camps in South Delhi and Haryana. During its engagement in camps we also aware woman and child for importance of sanitation and self cleanliness. Especially for village women we conducts special session for use of Sanitary pads and distributes free sanitary Pads. Let The Spirit Move has well skilled itself in designing and implementing such camps in woman friendly. In last five years 500 people benefited under this initiative. Let the Spirit Move has organised Free Eye camp for slum and financially challenged people and made people aware that how precious our eye are Without Eye there is no light in our life.

Cloth distribution
Cloth distribution for poor and needy

Act of Giving without any desire: Mother Teresa’s life acted by Let The Spirit Move. When you give you will received this is philosophy of the world. Act of giving and sharing. It was base on life of Mother Teresa. We also believe the same. We distributed clothes for poor and needy people. Our pioneering programmes address children’s unique needs, giving them a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Therefore, Let The Spirit Move is working towards proper upbringing of these financially and economically backward children and women. We work for women and girls from financially backward classes for theirs upliftment . As we all know that if woman is educated then whole family will progress. A little help in manner of physically and financially will groom the life of poor families.

Stationary Distribution for poor students

In 2019, the Indian government stated that 6.7% of its population is below its official poverty limit.

According to Asian Development Bank in India :

  • The proportion of employed population below $1.90 purchasing power parity a day in 2019 is 10.7%.
  • For every 1,000 babies born in India in 2018, 37 die before their 5th birthday.
  • 4% is the unemployment rate in 2019.

We believe in the saying of Mother Teresa that “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Our mission is to help poor children and provide them with free of cost education. Also we want to help women by counseling and training them in skills which will make them self-employed and independent.

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LTSM Activities

Pillars of change:

Some Inspiring stories of Role Models, who are today loved, respected and changed their insight towards life !




Kajal student of class IX from an upper primary government school in Dakshinpuri, Delhi, has always been passionate about turning school lessons into life lessons. Our team who knew how to build leadership skills in children, especially girls, Komal constantly aims to instill hope and faith for a brighter future, amongst all her friends and other girls in the colony. It was through Our NGO programme, and Alisha her friends first came to discuss issues around girls’ rights and access to education, health and sanitation for women. Nisha Chouhan regularly shared what she learned through our discussion with her family and neighbors, including the importance of washing hands before and after each meal, having toilets at home, and keeping homes and the neighboring areas clean. A confident, optimistic and creatively versatile student, she has become one of the strongest advocates for girls’ rights within her family and the local community. “We can all help in making a difference to the lives of women and girls. It’s about believing in yourself, sharing your thoughts with the larger community, and ensuring that they take you seriously. That’s what we did, and we can already see the change around us”


Danvir Singh from Gonda, District. Aligarh (U.P.) has become a role model for the entire village by breaking gender stereotypes. It was during one of the gender sensitization workshops organized by LET THE SPIRIT MOVE, when Danvir Singh realized how excessive workload on women could have serious repercussions on their health. Danvir woke up early next morning and headed to the village hand pump to fetch water for the first time, and that too on an empty stomach. The moment he lifted the filled bucket, he experienced severe stomach cramps. It took him more than three days of rest and medicines to recover. Having now experienced how women suffer from similar pain, and yet are forced to work every day, Danvir now regularly helps his wife with household chores. Inspired by Danvir of village, men fetching water in the village has become a common sight today.

Danvir singh

Danvir Singh




Meghna had dropped out of school by the time she turned 12. Her father was an alcoholic and never cared to pay for her tuition. When it became certain that no one was going to help, Meghna took matters in her own hands. She learned about LET THE SPIRIT MOVE Centre from other girls in her class, and enrolled at the our centre. Here, she could learn for free. For the first time in her life, Meghna is studying without any family issues. She brought her parents towards us. We counseled them and took more sessions of them. Her parents also changed in their behavior and left the addiction. Next year Meghna passed with good numbers. Today Meghna is a role model for her neighboring students for inspiration. Being the eldest child in the family, she is thoughtfully building a safe future for herself and her family.


Rani Devi an elderly woman from Dakshinpuri, has become a role model the entire community. Married at a young age, Saroj. I was among the few women from her village who had completed their primary education and was motivated to bring about a change in her environment. It was during one of the workshops organized by let the spirit moves team, when she realized the importance of joining a small business skill course. Though her in-laws were initially against her going out of the house, she convinced them. She also motivated 2 other women to join. Being part of the small business skill course. she started saving, applied for loan through bank and started small business. With this she is financially supporting her family. Today (small business skill course.) in-laws proudly speak of her as the pillar of the family.

Rani devi

Rani Devi

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