Rani Devi a widow was helped by Let the Spirit Move for eye operation

Let the Spirit move has changed the life of Rani Devi through love, peace and hope . Mother of eight children. Blessed with good quality but no one was there to take care of Mrs. Rani Devi. She was crying and sitting on the Road and looking for help. She met Mrs. Anne Seraphin. She bought her to her house given her little love and peace and made her life bit comfort and took care of her and promise her not to worry we are there to take care and kept her promise. With her help Eye operation of Ms. Rani Devi was done and she was able to see the world. Ms. Anne met with children of Ms. Rani Devi and after counseling her as well the children – sons , daughter as well daughter-in-law they all felt sorry for their deed and all her children excepted their mistakes. Today they all live together without any fear. She is very happy and thankful to Let the Spirit Move founder Anne for her action. This is our Mission to bring peace and joy among many like Rani Devi. We speak big-big word but we do not practice. Little act of giving will change the life of many Rani’s Devi’s life. Today her sons and daughter-in-low are the part of Let the Spirit Move. They are very sincere and dedicated to word, his action and work for Let the Spirit Move family. They all live in Dakshipuri Dr. Ambedkar nagar New Delhi. Please come forward and will reach out many Mother who need our love and care.

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