Let The Spirit Move supported Kajal by providing her free of cost education


Kajal is a girl who lives in Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Dakshinpuri. She came to our contact when she and her sister were about to drop from school and dispute took place between mother and daughter and she has lost interest in study and she decided not to study. Ms. Anne met her mother and the school principal  and other staff of school and explained the problem. They were facing financial problem . Mother and father children and four kid were not able to meet the daily need like food, shelter and clothes.

Let The spirit move supported. Both the girls joined the school and dispute was over between daughter and Mother. They have joined Let the spirit move. To Let the Spirit Move family they are giving their helping hand as well for growth of Let the Spirit Move. Like Kajal there are many Kajal who need us and they are waiting for us. We have reached out to them and their families. the girls are the backbone of our society and country. If they are educated whole family is educated. We are trying to help and educate them so we may reach out to many kajal create and build better society. Today Kajal and her sister goes to school and mother and daughter live happily and help each other. Mother came and thanked Let the spirit Move for what we have done for them and brought peace and love among daughter and Mother and sister. We support them. This is story of not only kajal there are many kajal they need us. Please come forward to support and Help us so we can build a better society with your help and support, we can’t do anything.

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